Welcome to, the Stowmarket Area Guide.

The site is a handy source of information about Stowmarket and the immediately surrounding area, including Needham Market and a number of smaller villages. It gives you instant access to the websites of all the companies and organizations in the area, since each listing links directly to the official site for that particular business.

Given the success of the Bury St Edmunds Area Guide, a similar guide to Stowmarket seemed like a good idea. And this is the result...

What gets listed on

The focus is on companies and resources based in Stowmarket and, where relevant, local surrounding villages. Each must have a website to be listed.

Where does the information in each listing come from?

The descriptions, contact details etc. are based on information given at each listing's website at the time of writing. It's worth checking the latest information directly at the websites you're most interested in - I can't guarantee they haven't changed something in the meantime, unfortunately. If you find any major discrepancies, please let me know. Your feedback is especially welcome.

I hope you'll find this site useful.

Edwin Hayward (webmaster and admin)